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Back-formation from flatulence, ultimately of Latin origin.


flatulate (third-person singular simple present flatulates, present participle flatulating, simple past and past participle flatulated)

  1. To emit digestive gases from the anus, especially with accompanying sound.
    • 1985, James L. Framo, “Rationale and Techniques of Intensive Family Therapy,” in Intensive Family Therapy, Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy and James L. Framo eds. [1],
      Where else but in his own castle, with his own family, can a person pick his nose, flatulate, lose his temper with impunity, whine, let the child in him emerge—in short, regress and “be himself”?
    • 2001, David Kerans, Mind and Labor on the Farm in Black-Earth Russia[2]:
      Horses defecate and flatulate on the move.
    • 2003, Vamik D Volkan, The Third Reich in the Unconscious[3]:
      While in the bathtub, he thought that he had to flatulate, but defecated instead. His mother had berated him mercilessly.


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