floating island

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A floating island served at a restaurant in Singapore



Calque of French île flottante.



floating island (plural floating islands)

  1. An aggregation of driftwood, roots, etc., capable of bearing soil, floated out from a river delta or similar.
    • 2010, C. Barry Cox, Peter D. Moore, Biogeography: An Ecological and Evolutionary Approach[1], page 225:
      Such a floating island could carry small animals such as frogs, lizards, or rats, the resistant eggs of other animals, and specimens of plants not adapted to oceanic dispersal.
  2. A French cold dessert consisting of an "island" of meringue, made of egg whites and sugar, floating in a "sea" of custard.
  3. Synonym of kitchen island
    • 2006, Trends Very Best Kitchens & Bathrooms, page 69:
      The floating island doubles as a place for the children to do their homework and eat meals.



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