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Alternative forms[edit]


floor +‎ board


floorboard (plural floorboards)

  1. Any of the long boards laid over joists to make a floor.
  2. The floor of a car.
    • 1999, The Crusade for Justice: Chicano Militancy and the Government's War on Dissent, by Ernesto B. Vigil, page 212
      The officers said they found two rifles in the car, one on the front floorboard of the vehicle and another on the rear floorboard.



floorboard (third-person singular simple present floorboards, present participle floorboarding, simple past and past participle floorboarded)

  1. To sink the gas pedal into the floorboard of the car, in order to bring the car to the highest possible speed.
    • 1953, Gone Girl, by Ross Macdonald
      I floorboarded the gas pedal and cut over sharply to the right, threatening the Cadillac's fenders and its driver's life.