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Alternative forms[edit]


flower box (plural flower boxes)

  1. A container in which flowers or plants are grown, usually affixed outside just below a window.
  2. (computing, programming) A comment in source code that spans several lines, serving to introduce the source code that follows, and bordered by asterisks.
    • 1988, Computer Partners, Inc, Handbook of COBOL techniques and programming standards
      To make this easier to do, set up an empty flower box and copy it into your program...
    • 1989, Cary N. Prague, James E. Hammitt, dBase IV programming
      [] you might have several lines of comments enclosed in a "flower box".
    • 2001, Danny Ryan, Tommy Ryan, ASP.NET: your visual blueprint for creating Web applications on the .Net
      To end the flower box, type / to specify the end of a multiple line comment.
    • 2002, John Smiley, Learn to program with Visual Basic.NET
      I then modified the code we had written earlier to include a flower box []