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The head of a fluffy Bichon Frisé.


fluff +‎ -y


  • IPA(key): /flʌfi/
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -ʌfi


fluffy (comparative fluffier, superlative fluffiest)

  1. Covered with fluff.
    Fluffy bunny rabbits are really nice to stroke.
  2. Light; soft; airy.
    I like my scrambled eggs to be light and fluffy in texture.
  3. (colloquial) Warm and comforting.
    Being in love with my boyfriend gives me a fluffy feeling inside.
  4. (colloquial) Not clearly defined or explained; fuzzy.
    • 2008, R.Safley, Reagan's Game
      Someone sold you the fluffy idea that brains triumphs[sic] over strength when you were picked last for the sports team.
  5. Lightweight; superficial; lacking depth or seriousness.
    • 2006, Linda Nochlin, Bathers, Bodies, Beauty: The Visceral Eye, page 271:
      And she is represented reading with great concentration, and not some fluffy novel but the rather politically oriented and literary Le Figaro, its title prominent if upside down in the foreground.



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fluffy (plural fluffies)

  1. (informal) Someone or something that has a fluffy texture.
    • 2014, William Gray, Cornwall with Kids, page 119:
      Children can pamper the fluffies in the pets' corner []
  2. (informal, derogatory) A person who is superficial, who lacks depth or seriousness.
    • 2006, "Pyromancer", Re: The nature of the pagan community (on newsgroup uk.religion.pagan)
      The world is overrun with fluffies. There was, I think, always a fluffy element to the neo-Pagan movement, but since the Internet explosion of the mid-to-late 1990s, it's got much, much worse. Most of it can be blamed on commercial drivers, as the publishers who produced neo-Pagan material (and the authors who work for them) realised that there was a vast market for teen-witch kits, bogus grimoires, etc, and set out to exploit it []
  3. (New Zealand) A babycino (frothy milk drink).