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From Middle English fornimen, fornemen, from Old English forniman ‎(to take away, deprive of, plunder, waste, devastate, destroy, consume, annul, disfigure, overcome), from Proto-Germanic *farnemaną, *franemaną ‎(to take away, hear, learn), equivalent to for- +‎ nim. Cognate with West Frisian fornimme ‎(to learn, hear, find out), Dutch vernemen ‎(to learn, hear, find out, understand), German vernehmen ‎(to hear, learn, question, examine), Swedish förnimma ‎(to apprehend, perceive, notice). More at for-, nim.


fornim ‎(third-person singular simple present fornims, present participle fornimming, simple past fornam or fornimmed, past participle fornum or fornumb or fornimmed)

  1. (transitive, obsolete) To take away; appropriate to one's own use.