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forrit (not comparable)

  1. (Scotland) Forwards, forward.
    • 1817, James Hogg, The Brownie of Bodsbeck, 1833, page 16,
      I was just standin looking about me amang the lang hags that lead out frae the head o' the North Grain, and considering what could be wort of a' the sheep, when I noticed my dog, Reaver, gaun coursing away forrit as he had been setting a fox.
    • 1828, "Mansie Wauch" (David Macbeth Moir), The Life of Mansie Wauch, Tailor in Dalkeith, page 132,
      All o' a sudden I sees a light coming dancing forrit amang the trees; and my hair began to stand up on end. Then, in the next moment, save us a'! I sees anither light, and forrit, forrit they baith cam, like the een of some great fiery monster, let loose frae the pit o' darkness by its maister, to seek whom it might devour.
    • 1887, Robert Louis Stevenson, The Merry Men & Other Stories, 2006, page 67,
      Lang or that, she had had a wean to a dragoon; she hadnae come forrit[presented as a communicant] for maybe thretty year; and bairns had seen her mumblin' to hersel' up on Key's Loan in the gloamin', whilk was an unco time an' place for a God-fearin' woman.


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A calque of the English program, from for- (pre-, pro-) + rit (writ, writing).



forrit n (genitive singular forrits, nominative plural forrit)

  1. (computing) a program, an application, an application program syn.



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