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From Middle English forhoren, from Old English *forhōrian, equivalent to for- +‎ whore. Cognate with Old High German forhuorōn, farhuorōn.


forwhore (third-person singular simple present forwhores, present participle forwhoring, simple past and past participle forwhored)

  1. (transitive, archaic) To debauch; lead into unchastity.
  2. (transitive, archaic) To whore out; prostitute.
    • 2011, Geraldine Brooks, Caleb's Crossing:
      And had they flogged a name out of her, do you think such a devil as would forwhore a child would thereafter scruple to traduce her? She would have stood there, tarred a liar.
    • 2012, Geraldine Brooks, Caleb's Crossing:
      Anne would not name the man who had forwhored her, to me or to any other person, even when the master, his hands a-tremble and his headshaking, told her that if she did not do so, the matter surely would come to the attention of the General Court, and that as soon as she could stand upright she would be called there to be pressed by those hard men.