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Alternative forms[edit]


From fowl +‎ lore.


fowl-lore (uncountable)

  1. (archaic) The knowledge, study, or science of fowls; birdlore.
    • 1864, The North British review - Page 300:
      Member of the Danish Rigsdag, the king's sheriff in Faroe, a man of the simplest manners and most varied knowledge and intelligence, great in whalelore and fowllore, strong in deep-sea fishing, a great gatherer of strange over-sea waifs, []
    • 1896, The Speaker - Volume 13 - Page 453:
      The chapters end with scraps of descriptive ornithology which we gladly skip to revel in the folk-lore and the fowl-lore, the laughable records of marshland superstition, the scorn for sham naturalists, []
    • 1984, Philip McM. Pittman, Adele S. Pittman, The Les Cheneaux chronicles:
      To the last he planted his own spuds, but did it his own way— planting them in a trench marked with high poles on each end and digging them out one by one as needed .... Acknowledged as a seer on fish, game, and fowl lore, []