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From fox +‎ -y.



foxy (comparative foxier, superlative foxiest)

  1. having the qualities of a fox
  2. cunning, sly
  3. attractive, sexy (of a woman)
  4. (of a person) red-haired.
  5. (arts) using too much of the reddish-brown colours
    • 1844, Benjamin Robert Haydon, Lectures on Painting and Design
      His eye for colour was so exquisite that I do not think there is a single instance in all his works of a heated tint which is called foxy. This cannot be said of Rubens or Rembrandt []
    • 1870, Frederick Peter Seguier, A Critical and Commercial Dictionary of the Works of Painters
      Although the skies of Brydael's pictures are often broken with rather heavy masses of orange and yellow clouds, yet, taking him altogether, he was not a 'foxy' painter; on the contrary, there is a silvery coolness about some of his pictures which pleases us.
  6. (of wine) Having an animal-like odour