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frame +‎ -er


framer (plural framers)

  1. A person who makes frames for paintings.
  2. A person who assembles the frame of a ship.
  3. (US) A person who assembles the timbers of a wood-framed building.
  4. A person who writes a new law.
    1. (historical, capitalized, US, law) Any of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention that drafted the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
  5. A person who frames another, attempting to have them convicted of a crime they did not commit.
  6. (Internet) A person who embeds another person's web pages in an HTML frame, so that they misleadingly appear to be part of the framing site.
    • 2020, Julian S. Millstein, ‎Jeffrey D. Neuburger, ‎Jeffrey P. Weingart, Doing Business on the Internet: Forms and Analysis (page 116)
      The Los Angeles Times is also policing Web sites that frame its site without permission. As of November 1997, the Times had threatened to send cease and desist letters to unlicensed framers.

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