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A packet of freebase 5-MeO-DALT

Alternative forms[edit]


free +‎ base


freebase (countable and uncountable, plural freebases)

  1. (chemistry) The purified, dry form of an amine, especially an alkaloid natural product, that is normally used in solution.
    • 1987, Richard Seymour, David Elvin Smith, The Physician's Guide to Psychoactive Drugs, page 75,
      The freebase is heated in a retort, foil, or other container and the vapor is inhaled as the freebase vaporizes.
    • 2002, Edith Fairman Cooper, The Emergence of Crack Cocaine Abuse[1], page 18:
      On June 9, 1980, national attention was brought to cocaine freebasing when comedian Richard Pryor suffered third degree burns allegedly while using a butane torch to heat cocaine freebase he had prepared with ether.
    • 2007, Jared Ledgard, A Laboratory History of Narcotics, Volume 1: Amphetamines and Derivatives, page 108,
      Note: this freebase methedrine will actually be a mixture of the DL and L-forms, from which the L-form is the most common used in the preparation of methamphetamine.
  2. (specifically) The purified, dry form of certain illegal drugs, especially cocaine.
    • 2011, Manuel Suarez, To Be Or Not to Be a Real Cop[2], page 72:
      That day, I gave a class on making and using freebase. This was one thing that was to be done perfectly, or you could end up with glass and freebase all over you.


freebase (third-person singular simple present freebases, present participle freebasing, simple past and past participle freebased)

  1. To purify a drug by crystallization.
  2. To use a purified drug, especially cocaine, by heating it and inhaling the fumes produced.
    • 2009, Mackenzie Phillips, High On Arrival[3], page 82:
      Richard, one of my friends in L.A., claimed to have invented freebasing— smoking cocaine in its base form—though it's likely that what he meant was that he introduced a whole bunch of people to the process.
    • 2010, George Case, Out of Our Heads: Rock 'n' Roll Before the Drugs Wore Off[4], page 169:
      With his nostrils ravaged, Crosby turned to drinking Cocaine mixed in glasses of wine, then took to smoking it by the novel technique of freebasing, where the drug is distilled down to its purest form through a process of filtration using ammonia and ether.
    • 2013, John Markert, Hooked in Film: Substance Abuse on the Big Screen[5], page 159:
      Roger Ebert pretty much agrees with Siskel's dismissive attitude toward the film, saying he only watched it because it was about freebasing cocaine and he wanted to see that, since he had heard so much about it.

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