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From fresh +‎ -en.



freshen (third-person singular simple present freshens, present participle freshening, simple past and past participle freshened)

  1. To become fresh.
    I'm going to go freshen up.
  2. To make fresh.
  3. (of a cow) To begin or resume giving milk, especially after calving.
    • 1919 January, in The Chenango County Farm Bureau News, volume 5, number 1, page 7:
      For Sale—Three registered holstein cows. Due to freshen the first of Jan. February and March. Prices that will sell. Age three and five years. Eugune Gibson, Smyrna.
  4. To make less salty; to separate, as water, from saline ingredients.
    to freshen water, fish, or flesh
  5. To refresh; to revive.
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  6. (nautical) To relieve, as a rope, by change of place where friction wears it; or to renew, as the material used to prevent chafing.
    to freshen a hawse
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  7. To top up (a drink).
  8. (of wind) to become stronger.