from the East German judge

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Because of the reputation of East German judges for giving low scores to non-East Germans at sporting events.


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Prepositional phrase[edit]

from the East German judge

  1. (humorous) Used with an imaginary low score in a competition.
    • 1988, Linda Frye Burnham, High Performance:
      The Birdman receives straight 6-figure contracts across the board except from the East German judge, who makes him pay for his own lunch and won't even validate parking.
    • August 2003, Tom Clancy, The Teeth of the Tiger, The Berkley Publishing Group (August 2004), p. 444:
      “Nice pop, Aldo.” “Well, I guess a five-point-six from the East German judge. Let’s get moving.”
    • 2007, Car and Driver, volume 52, page 72:
      The Camry interior styling and fit and finish get eights, even from the East German judge, but the Kia's pull solid nines.