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fuck +‎ -mobile


fuckmobile (plural fuckmobiles)

  1. (slang, vulgar) A vehicle in which people have sexual intercourse.
    • 1995, Judith Gould, Too Damn Rich:
      ...we don't always have to make it in this..." She gestured around. "...this damn fuckmobile!"
    • 1997, Mark Jacobson, Everyone and no one:
      I ate Starr in the back of the Chevy Suburban that Jimmy Dime had so delicately dubbed the fuckmobile.
    • 2006, Gerald Everett Jones, My Inflatable Friend: The Confessions of Rollo Hemphill:
      Oh, you Brits, you stuck-up, hedonistic hypocrites—you built a banker's fuckmobile!
    • 2007, George Crile, Charlie Wilson's War:
      "We called it the fuckmobile," he recalls fondly today. "It had over three hundred thousand miles on it and was all souped up to look like a Lincoln Zephyr—like a gangster car. So I said, 'What's wrong with the car?'"