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Blend of fun +‎ fantastic



funtastic (comparative more funtastic, superlative most funtastic)

  1. (nonstandard) Fantastically fun.
    But mom! Can't I go to the fair? The others say it will be funtastic!
    • 1960, Eloise M. Jaeger; Harry Leighton, Teaching of Tennis: For School and Recreation Programs, Burgess Publishing, page 58:
      The game becomes more “funtastic” if the teacher not only calls out the name of a line or space but adds a novel way of getting there or something novel to do once the players arrive at the designated line or space.
    • 2005, Ruth Bushi; Dan Jones; Anthony Leyton, The Push Guide to Which University 2006, Nelson Thomses, →ISBN, page 336:
      Comedy: The comedy scene here is funtastic – check out Club Jongleurs and the Leicester Comedy Festival which is the biggest in Britain, attracting over 40,000 people a year.
    • 2009, Sydney Salter, Jungle Crossing, Harcourt, →ISBN, pages 16-17:
      I turned thirteen the week after school got out (and had a slumber party that even Fiona called “oh-so funtastic”).