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Etymology 1[edit]

From French fusée, ultimately from Latin fūsus (spindle).


fusee (plural fusees)

  1. A conical, grooved pulley in early clocks.
  2. A large friction match.
    • 1914, "Saki", ‘The Dreamer’, Beasts and Superbeasts, Penguin 2000 (Complete Short Stories), p. 322:
      A comfortable hammock on a warm afternoon would appeal to his indolent tastes, and then, when he was getting drowsy, a lighted fusee thrown into the nest would bring the wasps out in an indignant mass, and they would soon find a ‘home away from home’ on Waldo's fat body.
  3. A fuse for an explosive.
  4. (US) A colored flare used as a warning on the railroad
  5. A fusil, or flintlock musket.

Etymology 2[edit]



fusee (plural fusees)

  1. The track of a buck.
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