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fusoid-ventricose (comparative more fusoid-ventricose, superlative most fusoid-ventricose)

  1. (mycology) Having a structure which is distinctly enlarged in the middle and tapered toward both ends
    • 1904, George Massee, “A Monograph of the genus Inocybe, Karsten”, in Annals of Botany[1], volume 18, page 467:
      [] sp. irregularly elliptic-oblong (angulato-ellipsoideis), 9-15 × 5-7 μ; c. fusoid-ventricose, 60-70 × 19-22 μ.
    • 1983, Alexander Hanchett Smith, The Veiled Species of Hebeloma in the Western United States[2], page 7:
      The fusoid-ventricose type (fig. A13) apparently arises from the basidiole-type by elongation of the apical region of the cell to produce a ± narrow neck tapered to a more or less obtuse apex.
    • 2015, Dennis E. Desjardin, California Mushrooms: The Comprehensive Identification Guide[3]:
      SPORES 7–9 × 4–5 μm, ellipsoid, smooth, with an apical germ pore, thin-walled, purplish brown in deposit; cheilocystidia clavate or fusoid-ventricose; annulus, and fruits in fall and winter at lower elevations.

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