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  1. plural of gaijin
    • 2005, Karin Miller, Japanland: A Year in Search of Wa, page 229:
      Gaijins rarely speak Japanese, usually can't give directions to where they want to go, have notoriously short tempers.
    • 2006, Terry Funk, Terry Funk: More Than Just Hardcore, page vii:
      Long after any “contributions” had been made, the gaijins could be found in these unique laps of luxury, savoring their last moments as warm men before the ringing of a bell, or the yelling of the boss, beckoned them back into the real world of pro wrestling
    • 2010, Robert Livingstone, The Stellar II: Sigh, page 152:
      Akisumi couldn't do any better than this? Three women and a man? Two of the women and the man being gaijins at that! Fools!

Usage notes[edit]

This plural form may be considered proscribed by some speakers.