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garage door

garage door (plural garage doors)

  1. The large door on a garage which a car can come in through.
    garage door opener
    • 1915 December 7 [1915 December 4], F. H. W., “For the Auto Horn Nuisance.”, in The New York Times[1], volume LXV, number 21,136, →ISSN, →OCLC, page 12, column 6:
      From many years’ experience with automobiles, I have known the manner of signaling by horn to the garage keeper or elevator man the desire to enter the building. As many garages are located in residence districts, this is truly a very annoying custom and should be stopped. To overcome this nuisance a handy electric push button could be mounted on posts on either side of the runway, about five feet high, so that they could be easily reached as the car approaches the garage door. These posts could be placed near the curb, and two are recommended to serve cars with left or right side drive.
    • 1920 November 25, “Protected Garage Door and Car Fenders”, in Motor Age[2], volume XXXVIII, number 22, Chicago, page 48, column 1:
      Door guards are a detail that can be added readily to almost any garage door for the purpose of protecting the door from being broken off the hinges or for the protection that is afforded the customers of the garage. The simplest form of these are inclined slides for warding off the front or rear wheels of the entering car.
    • 1930 May 31, “The "Overhead Door" for Garage-Factory-Warehouse”, in The Saturday Evening Post[3], volume 202, number 48, page 110:
      The "Overhead Door" is the garage door that can be opened or closed at a touch every day in the year—regardless of the weather. It is the garage door that opens UP Completely Out of the Way. In short, it is the modern door for the modern garage—in step with the times.
  2. (literal) Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see garage,‎ door (a door for people to enter or exit a garage)


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