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gaumless (not comparable)

  1. (dialectal) Alternative spelling of gormless
    • 1835, Derwentwater, in The new British Novelist:
      "What could put secna gaumless notion as that into yer heed?" "A gaumless notion!" iterated Spour, putting on a look of sincerity offended.
    • 1872, John Hartley, Yorkshire ditties, series 1 (reprint), page 126:
      [] an' shoo held up a bonny little lad abaat two days old, 'at stared at him as gaumless as gaumless could be, []
    • 1902, Arthur Smith, The Doin's O' Jim O' Doads: Sketches of Lancashire Life, page 60:
      Oh, he'll call; does ta think 'at he's as gaumless as thee?

Usage notes[edit]

Gaumless is the original spelling; gormless, which has become more common especially in non-rhotic dialects, uses r to indicate vowel length.