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See the lemma gelb. Compare also the alternation between fahl and falb, in which the b-less form has become the normal one.



gehl (strong nominative masculine singular gehler, comparative gehler, superlative am gehlsten)

  1. (regional) Alternative form of gelb (yellow)
    • 1954, Heinrich Böll, Haus ohne Hüter:
      Gut und schön und warm auch klang der Spruch »Safran macht den Kuchen gehl«.
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Usage notes[edit]

  • The form remains familiar to the general public chiefly from the following famous nursery song in which it is maintained for rhyme:
Backe, backe Kuchen!Bake, bake cake!
Der Bäcker hat gerufen.The baker has called.
Wer will schönen Kuchen backen,Whoever wants to bake good cake,
Der muss haben sieben Sachen:He must have seven things:
Eier und Schmalz,Eggs and lard,
Butter und Salz,Butter and salt,
Zucker und Mehl,Sugar and flour,
Safran macht den Kuchen gehl.Saffron makes the cake yellow.


Further reading[edit]

  • gehl” in Duden online

Pennsylvania German[edit]


Compare German gelb, Dutch geel, English yellow.



  1. yellow

Derived terms[edit]