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  1. (archaic) singular present subjunctive of gelieven, or (formal) idiomatic construction
    Gelieve zich aan de receptie te melden.
    Kindly report to the reception.
    U gelieve het bij dezen aangehechte formulier in te vullen.
    May we respectfully ask you to complete the form annexed hereto.

Usage notes[edit]

The verb gelieven is mostly restricted to the third person singular of the present tense in the subjunctive mood, in which form it is not considered archaic, but rather as a formulaic expression indicating a polite, formal request. It is always accompanied by an infinitive introduced by te. In such constructions, a non-finite clause functions as the subject, the direct object being u (‘you’), which is often elided. Hence, the literal translation of u gelieve X is ‘may it please you to X’.