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geology +‎ -ize


geologize (third-person singular simple present geologizes, present participle geologizing, simple past and past participle geologized)

  1. To study the geology of a location in the field.
    • 1824, The British Critic
      ...those many valuable writers, who have unwisely lent their science to uphold and propagate the vicious doctrine of a chaotic geogeny, may geologize with full security...
    • 1830, "Geology", American Quarterly Review
      We travel here in an extraordinary manner, but we cannot geologize by steam-boats.
    • 1839, Charles Darwin, The Voyage of the Beagle
      We continued northwards in a zigzag line; sometimes stopping a day to geologize.
    • 1864, Jules Verne, Journey to the Centre of the Earth
      There was a certain wood, which, by rising at early morn, and taking the cheap train, I could reach at eleven in the morning. Here I would botanize or geologize at my will.
    • 1869, The Spectator, 27 March.
      ...and ploughmen will botanize or geologize on their way home from their daily toil...
    • 2007, Charles Kingsley, Madame How and Lady Why: First Lessons in Earth Lore for Children, →ISBN:
      And between the intervals of eating fruit, we will geologize on the way home, with this little bit of paper to show us where we are.
    • 2011, Edward J. Larson, An Empire of Ice: Scott, Shackleton and the Heroic Age of Antarctic Science, →ISBN.
      Scott presumably foresaw this, which may explain his decision to geologize on the return trip once he lost priority at the pole.