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girl +‎ fag


girlfag (plural girlfags)

  1. (LGBT) A person assigned female at birth who identifies with gay male culture and/or is attracted to gay men.
    • 2010, Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli, Border Sexualities, Border Families in Schools (page 88)
      Yet there are "girlfags" who are sexually attracted to queer men, and who seek bisexual men because they bend gender rules in bed, in parenting, and in other facets of relationships, politics and culture []
    • 2013, Ron Jackson Suresha, ‎Pete Chvany, Bi Men: Coming Out Every Which Way (page 216)
      I, however, am an unabashed girlfag. Let me define that. Girlfags are women who identify with queer men, somewhat feel that we are queer men ourselves, and often are sexually attracted to queer men. We are not faghags. Faghags are usually straight women who enjoy the company of gay men.