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globe +‎ -crat


globocrat (plural globocrats)

  1. A globalist; a person who advocates globalism and globalist policies.
    • 2006, Michele Wucker, Lockout: Why America Keeps Getting Immigration Wrong When Our Prosperity Depends on Getting it Right, PublicAffairs (2006), →ISBN, page 33:
      He attacked "transnational economic elites" and "globocrats" for their seeming indifference to national borders.
    • 2007, Ken Adelman, "Troubles from Thailand", The Washington Times, 26 April 2007:
      At the World Bank, for example, the lavishly paid globocrats seem incapable of stopping payment to Third World kleptoptocracies.
    • 2011, Robert H. Schram, Illusafact: The Inevitable Advance of Our Technologies and Us, Xlibris (2011), →ISBN, page 275:
      These 'globocrats' in the private sectors are rapidly forming a new world order and the growing influence of these educated elites, especially in a future with enhanced intelligence may also have significant social consequences.