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Borrowed from Malay gudang, from Tamil கிடங்கு (kiṭaṅku, store room).



godown (plural godowns)

  1. (India, East Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong) A warehouse.
    • 1694, Fort St. George Diary and Consultation Book, entry for 30 April, 1694, Madras: 1918, p. 45,[1]
      Ordered that the new House in the Fort be forthwith built according to a modell now produced an approved, being 110 foot in length and 55 foot in breadth to be built on the East side the Fort at 18 Foot distance from the godown wall, and at equal distance from the north and south walls.
    • 2011, Terry Pratchett, Snuff, page 307 in hardback:
      Sam Vimes awoke from a pig's nightmare to find himself lying on a pile of sacks in a godown in the docks.