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gourd +‎ -ful


gourdful (plural gourdfuls or gourdsful)

  1. As much as a gourd will carry
    • 1921, Augusta Jane Evans Wilson, Macaria[1]:
      Mother, make Harry bring me a gourdful fresh from the spring.
    • 1909, William Dean Howells, Boy Life[2]:
      She had been milked only a few hours before, and so he got only a gourdful from her.
    • 1900, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, Pembroke[3]:
      Cephas got a gourdful of water from the pail in the sink, and carried it carefully over to the table.
    • 1866, Various, The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 18, No. 105, July 1866[4]:
      I had a grim sense of amusement on finding that the old woman was not deaf, for she went out, and presently came back with a gourdful, which I eagerly drank.