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Laulības gredzens (1)
Koka gredzeni (3)
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From an earlier (unattested) Latvian adjective *gregs ‎(turned, twisted, woven) or noun *gred(z)is ‎(bay, bent) (cf. place names like Gredzups) +‎ -ens, from a verb *gregt ‎(to turn, to twist, to weave, to braid), from Proto-Baltic *greg-, from Proto-Indo-European *gerg-, *greg-, from a stem *ger- ‎(to turn, to twist) (whence also griezt ‎(to turn), q.v.) with an extra -g. The original meaning was “turned, bent, woven thing” > “round woven thing (like a wreath)” > “ring.” Cognates include Old Prussian graudis (corrected to grandis), Old Norse krākr ‎(bending, bay, hook), Middle English crinkled ‎(turned, twisted), English crinkle, Dutch krinkel ‎(loop, noose).[1]




gredzens m (1st declension)

  1. ring (round piece of metal worn around the finger as a jewel or as a symbol)
    gredzens ar dārgakmeniring with a precious stone
    zelta, briljanta, rubīna gredzens — golden, diamond, ruby ring
    dāvināt gradzenu — to give a ring
    laulības gredzens — a wedding ring
    Vilma savu laulības gredzenu bija atstājusi mājās, jo tā tikai tāda veca mode: staigāt visur ar riņķi pirkstā — Vilma had left her wedding ring home, because that was just an old fashion: to go everywhere with the ring in (one's) finger
    ikdienas rota senlatviešiem bija gredzeni... tos nēsāja uz abu roku visiem pirkstiem, izņemot īkšķi... bieži vien vienu pirkstu rotāja pat vairāki gredzenirings were an everyday ornament of ancient Latvians... they wore them on all fingers of both hands, except for the thumb... often (they) adorned one finger with several rings
  2. ring (round piece of metal covering another circular or cylindrical object)
    virzuļa gredzens — piston ring
    noņemt putnam no kājas gredzenu — to remove the ring from a bird's legs
  3. ring (something with the form of a ring (1, 2) or spiral)
    koka gadskārtu gredzeni — tree annual rings
    Saturna gredzeni — Saturn's rings
    nervu gredzens — nerve ring
    izpūst gaisā dūmu gredzenus — to blow smoke rings in the air
    (sa)griezt gredzenā — to cut (something) in a circle (= creating a circular or spiral shape)
    čūska saritinājās gredzenā — the snake rolled itself up into a ring
  4. (literature) circle, circular (principle for composing works of art so that their end is equal or similar to their beginning)
    romāns radīts pēc gredzena principā — a roman written according to the principle of circularity



Derived terms[edit]


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