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Guaraní guazú (great, big” or “deer).


guazu (plural guazus)

  1. (possibly obsolete) A South American deer, especially a marsh deer.
    • 1856, Charles Knight, Charles Knight's Pictorial Museum of Animated Nature, page 138:
      The Guazus, or Brockets, as they are termed, are distinguished by the simplicity of their horns, which consist of a [...]. The Guazu-pita is somewhat larger than a roebuck : its general colour is rufous with a dusky tint on the face and legs; [...]
    • 1894, Proceedings of the General Meetings for Scientific Business of the Zoological Society of London, page 314:
      This head was carried by one of the Santa Elena deer [...]. The head approached even more nearly than usual that form of the normal Rucervine type assumed by Schomburgk's Deer (Cerviis schomburgki), omitting of course the brow-tine, which is not carried by the Guazus.
    • 1894, Richard Lydekker, The Royal Natural History: Mammals, page 389:
      The marsh, or guazu deer (C. palustris) is a somewhat larger species, found in South Brazil, Paraguay, Rio Grande do Sul, and Uruguay; []
    • 1958, Paul Robert Kruse, The Story of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1768-1943, page 924:
      South America is the home of the marsh-deer or guazu, M. (Blastoceros) dichotoma, representing a subgenus in which the complex antlers lack a basal snag, while the hair of the back is reversed.

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