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  1. simple past and past participle of gutshoot


gutshot (plural gutshots)

  1. Alternative form of gut-shot
    1. (poker slang) A poker hand which is four cards to a straight, where only one rank can complete a straight. E.g. 3-4-6-7, only a five completes the straight; A gut-shot straight.
    2. A shot in the gut.
      • 2011, Alois Philippa, Matthias Arltb, Matthias Amannb, Dirk Lunzb, Thomas Müllerc, Michael Hilkera, Bernhard Grafb, Christof Schmida, “First experience with the ultra compact mobile extracorporeal membrane oxygenation system Cardiohelp in interhospital transport”, in Interactive Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgery, volume 12, number 6:
        A 22-year-old soldier with thoracic gutshot injury and subsequent right-sided pneumonectomy and partial left-sided lung resection went into critical respiratory failure.
      • 2013, Anthony Swofford, Death of an American Sniper, →ISBN:
        But we never got to take the shot I'd been trained to take, that beautiful single shot that takes out a man's head, or the gutshot—Chris Kyle's favorite—that allows him to bleed out and die a little slower, maybe think about all the ways he might have lived a different and better life.
      • 2014, Kelly M. Johnson, New Realities and Wavering Truths, →ISBN, page 138:
        Despite the fact that we still don't know if I'll survive because of the gutshot, I still feel the trip was worth it.


gutshot (not comparable)

  1. Alternative form of gut-shot
    1. Shot in the gut.
      • 1995 Autumn, Thomas L. Altherr, John F. Reiger, “Academic historians and hunting: A call for more and better scholarship”, in Environmental History Review, volume 19, number 3:
        For the first group, hunting is the gutshot deer gasping to death while its killer has given up pursuit, the woman in Maine shot in her own backyard by a hunter who thought her brown coat and white mittens meant a deer, and hoarse, bloodthirsty varmint hunters "blazing" away
      • 2008, Laurie Wagner Buyer, Spring's Edge: A Ranch Wife's Chronicles, →ISBN, page 29:
        He never got used to the sight of elk with broken hips, missing legs and hooves, damaged backs, and gutshot skeletons that trailed in for the security and protection of his ranch.
      • 2009, K Vonnegut, Bluebeard: a novel:
        We look like a couple of gutshot iguanas!
    2. Extremely dismayed or distressed.
      • 2005, David Lozell Martin, Facing Rushmore, →ISBN, page 214:
        The Calamity had convinced some Americans that hell was at hand -- and now Charlie Hart was driving the road that led there, Interstate 15 from Las Vegas to the California border on any given Sunday, losers beating their ways home, hungover and sick and feeling gutshot, got to go to work in the morning, lost too much money, maxed out the Visa, should not have slept with that mortgage broker from Atlantic City, he was married, I was drunk, we didn't use a rubber, should not have gone with that hooker, my last cash and now God knows what diseases, warts, viruses, rot I have in my body, stayed too long at the tables, I was up at one point, should've quit then, lost one thousand dollars or fifty thousand or five hundred, it was meant for the rent, the mortgage, the tuition, the baby's doctor or the baby's goddamn new pair of shoes that keep getting referenced at the craps tables...
      • 2014, Benjamin Whitmer, Cry Father, →ISBN, page 149:
        Patterson grins a grin that he means to be rakish, but he's pretty sure it just comes off as gutshot.
      • 2015, Annabeth Albert, Served Hot, →ISBN:
        And I saw him on the street yesterday and he looked gutshot