hair bundle

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hair bundle (plural hair bundles)

  1. (cytology) a group of cellular processes resembling hair, characteristic of hair cells
    • 1975 Tanaka, K. and Smith, C. A. "Structure of the avian tectorial membrane." The Annals of Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology 84, no 3, pt 1 (May—June 1975), 287, .
      As revealed by scanning and transmission electron microscopy, the cavities are arranged in a characteristic honeycomb-like pattern and each hair bundle is enclosed in an alveolus.
    • 1988 Howard, J. and Hudspeth, A. J. "Compliance of the hair bundle associated with gating of mechanoelectrical transduction channels in the Bullfrog's saccular hair cell." Neuron 1, no. 3, (1 May 1988) [cited 18 December 2009], 189, .
      To test this model, we measured the stiffness of hair bundles during mechanical stimulation.