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Borrowed from English Halloween. Halloween celebration is a new phenomenon in Finland, and so far no Finnish equivalent to the term has emerged.



  1. Halloween (31st of October)
Inflection of halloween (Kotus type 5/risti, no gradation)
nominative halloween halloweenit
genitive halloweenin halloweenien
partitive halloweenia halloweeneja
illative halloweeniin halloweeneihin
singular plural
nominative halloween halloweenit
accusative nom. halloween halloweenit
gen. halloweenin
genitive halloweenin halloweenien
partitive halloweenia halloweeneja
inessive halloweenissa halloweeneissa
elative halloweenista halloweeneista
illative halloweeniin halloweeneihin
adessive halloweenilla halloweeneilla
ablative halloweenilta halloweeneilta
allative halloweenille halloweeneille
essive halloweenina halloweeneina
translative halloweeniksi halloweeneiksi
instructive halloweenein
abessive halloweenitta halloweeneitta
comitative halloweeneineen



  • IPA(key): [ˈhɛloviːn]
  • Hyphenation: hal‧lo‧ween


halloween (plural halloweenek)

  1. Halloween (31st of October)


Inflection (stem in -e-, front unrounded harmony)
singular plural
nominative halloween halloweenek
accusative halloweent halloweeneket
dative halloweennek halloweeneknek
instrumental halloweennel halloweenekkel
causal-final halloweenért halloweenekért
translative halloweenné halloweenekké
terminative halloweenig halloweenekig
essive-formal halloweenként halloweenekként
inessive halloweenben halloweenekben
superessive halloweenen halloweeneken
adessive halloweennél halloweeneknél
illative halloweenbe halloweenekbe
sublative halloweenre halloweenekre
allative halloweenhez halloweenekhez
elative halloweenből halloweenekből
delative halloweenről halloweenekről
ablative halloweentől halloweenektől
Possessive forms of halloween
possessor single possession multiple possessions
1st person sing. halloweenem halloweenjeim
2nd person sing. halloweened halloweenjeid
3rd person sing. halloweenje halloweenjei
1st person plural halloweenünk halloweenjeink
2nd person plural halloweenetek halloweenjeitek
3rd person plural halloweenjük halloweenjeik

Derived terms[edit]