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From hammer +‎ space, referring to the large mallets often produced from nowhere by cartoon characters.


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hammerspace (uncountable)

  1. (humorous, fiction) A storage space able to contain objects larger than itself.
    • 1996, "Vincent Tagle", Love and a single Ukclone... (discussion on Internet newsgroup rec.arts.anime.misc)
      Okay, now just picture what you want to pull out of hammerspace and just reach in and grab it.
    • 2000, "Jason Howe", Hammerspace Cleaning (discussion on Internet newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon)
      ...it's a commonly known fact that dust is physically incapable of collecting in Hammerspace, so everything is always looking brand new! I for one would want to keep my collection of--I think it's sixty-four--manga spotless!
    • 2008, Meljean Brook, Demon Night
      I just learned how to take my sword out of my hammerspace, and I'm not afraid to use it.

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