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Alternative forms[edit]


Deverbal from hand out.


  • IPA(key): /ˈhændaʊt/
  • (file)


handout (plural handouts)

  1. A worksheet, leaflet, or pamphlet that is given out (usually by hand) for a certain use.
    • 2010, Jeane W. Anastas, Teaching in Social Work: An Educators' Guide to Theory and Practice, →ISBN, page 39:
      Therefore, it is often recommended that the framework or outline for a lecture be provided to students on the chalkboard or in a handout so they can more easily follow the logic as the lecture progresses.
  2. A gift to the poor or needy.
    • 1918, Edgar Rice Burroughs, chapter 1, in The Oakdale Affair[1]:
      We ain't runnin' no day nursery. These you see here is all the real thing. Maybe we asks fer a handout now and then; but that ain't our reg'lar way.
    • 1998, Ethan Coen, Joel Coen, The Big Lebowski[2], spoken by The Big Lebowski (David Huddleston):
      You're just looking for a handout like every other—are you employed, Mr. Lebowski?
    • 2009, Chloe Schwenke, Reclaiming Value in International Development: The Moral Dimensions of Development Policy and Practice in Poor Countries, →ISBN, page 1:
      A woman, dressed in simple and worn clothes, holding a very young and rather dirty looking baby, was seeking a handout.
    • 2022 August 6, Geneva Abdul, “Liz Truss rejects ‘handouts’ as way to tackle cost of living crisis”, in The Guardian[3]:
      The Conservative leadership frontrunner, Liz Truss, has rejected “handouts” as a way of helping people affected by the cost of living crisis.
  3. A gift, something obtained without effort.
    • 2014 November 2, Daniel Taylor, “Sergio Agüero strike wins derby for Manchester City against 10-man United”, in The Guardian[4]:
      They had contributed heavily to their own downfall, most glaringly with the senselessness of Chris Smalling’s red card, and they should know by now that Manuel Pellegrini’s team are not the kind of opponents to pass up these kind of handouts.


  • German: Handout


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handout m (plural handouts)

  1. (unofficial) Alternative spelling of hand-out.