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Alternative forms[edit]


From hand +‎ washing.


handwashing (countable and uncountable, plural handwashings)

  1. Washing of one's hands.
    • 2009 February 7, Judy Steed, “Devices that let ability shine through”, in Toronto Star[1]:
      The mirror comes alive with images, guiding you through the steps of handwashing: turn on the taps, lather your hands with soap, rinse your hands, turn off the taps, dry your hands.
    • 2020 October 9, Linda Geddes, “Non-Covid infectious disease cases down in England, data suggests”, in The Guardian[2]:
      The benefits of increased hygiene as a result of Covid-19 could stretch even further ahead. Most schools are insisting on regular hand washing, and are encouraging children to rub soap into their hands for 20 seconds or more, before rinsing it off.