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Blend of hungry +‎ angry.



hangry (comparative more hangry, superlative most hangry)

  1. (slang) Hungry and angry, especially when the anger is induced by the hunger.
    • 2005, L. R. Parenti, Durata Del Dramma: Life Of Drama[1], page 98:
      I also get really "hangry".
    • 2008, “The Great Southern Ontario Burger Trail”, in National Post[2]:
      We're not talking about the fast-food giants or smaller chains, such as Wimpy's, both of which turn up frequently in the stripmalls that dot the Trail. No matter how hungry -- or even hangry -- you and your fellow travellers are, eschew these places.
    • 2011, Chris Haire, “I'm tired of writing about Nikki Haley”, in Charleston City Paper[3]:
      Seriously, somebody needs to give this toddler a bottle and put him down for a nap. That baby pitches a fit when he gets hangry.
    • 2015, Amanda Salis, “The science behind being "Hangry"”, in CNN "The conversation"[4]:
      The physiology of hanger. The carbohydrates, proteins and fats in everything you eat are digested into simple sugars (such as glucose), amino acids and free fatty acids. These nutrients pass into your bloodstream from where they are distributed to your organs and tissues and used for energy....