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hangya (ant) +‎ sav (acid)


  • IPA(key): [ˈhɒɲɟɒʃɒv]
  • Hyphenation: han‧gya‧sav


hangyasav (plural hangyasavak)

  1. (organic chemistry) formic acid, methanoic acid (the simplest carboxylic acid, HCOOH, a colourless, corrosive liquid with a sharp odour; it is present in the stings of ants, bees and nettles, and is prepared industrially by the oxidation of methanol or formaldehyde)


Inflection (stem in -a-, back harmony)
singular plural
nominative hangyasav hangyasavak
accusative hangyasavat hangyasavakat
dative hangyasavnak hangyasavaknak
instrumental hangyasavval hangyasavakkal
causal-final hangyasavért hangyasavakért
translative hangyasavvá hangyasavakká
terminative hangyasavig hangyasavakig
essive-formal hangyasavként hangyasavakként
inessive hangyasavban hangyasavakban
superessive hangyasavon hangyasavakon
adessive hangyasavnál hangyasavaknál
illative hangyasavba hangyasavakba
sublative hangyasavra hangyasavakra
allative hangyasavhoz hangyasavakhoz
elative hangyasavból hangyasavakból
delative hangyasavról hangyasavakról
ablative hangyasavtól hangyasavaktól
possessive - singular
hangyasavé hangyasavaké
possessive - plural
hangyasavéi hangyasavakéi
Possessive forms of hangyasav
possessor single possession multiple possessions
1st person sing. hangyasavam hangyasavaim
2nd person sing. hangyasavad hangyasavaid
3rd person sing. hangyasava hangyasavai
1st person plural hangyasavunk hangyasavaink
2nd person plural hangyasavatok hangyasavaitok
3rd person plural hangyasavuk hangyasavaik