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happy hour ‎(plural happy hours)

  1. A time of day, usually in the afternoon or early evening, when a bar or pub offers its drinks at a discounted price.
  2. Any small gathering, usually in the afternoon or early evening, set aside to relax and have a drink.

Usage notes[edit]

In normal English usage, the term happy hour is used to refer to the daily period of reduced prices, regardless of its length. The plural is only used to refer to separate happy hour spans (e.g., I have been to three happy hours at this bar.) or to happy hours at different establishments (e.g., Which bars in town have the cheapest happy hours?). The practice, common in some languages (notably French), of pluralizing the borrowed expression in reference to a period longer than one hour (e.g., happy hours de 16h à 18h) is unidiomatic in English.






happy hour m ‎(plural happy hours)

  1. happy hour