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From Middle English heleles, equivalent to heal (health, well-being) +‎ -less. Compare healful.


healless (comparative more healless, superlative most healless)

  1. Incapable of being made whole or well; cureless; incurable; unhealable.
    • 1842, John Snowden Hopkins, The poetical works of John Snowden Hopkins:
      [] the hour that Wrung its idol from its core, and left it Bleeding with a healless wound, nor power On earth to staunch and stop the same; []
    • 2010, Friedrich Ohly, Linda Archibald, George Steiner, The Damned and the Elect: Guilt in Western Culture:
      A capacity for sin so healless that it makes its man despair from his heart of redemption - that is the true theological way to salvation.