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Alternative forms[edit]


heart +‎ rending


heartrending (comparative more heartrending, superlative most heartrending)

  1. That causes great grief, anguish or distress.
    Synonym: heart-breaking
    • 1886, Peter Christen Asbjørnsen, H.L. Brækstad, transl., Folk and Fairy Tales, page 154:
      [T]he old man, who appeared to be an ardent fisherman, told me of the large trout he caught in the neighbourhood thirty years ago, when he came here from Gudbrandsdale, and made the most heartrending complaints of the decrease of fish and increase of saw-dust, just as Sir Humphry Davy makes in his Salmonia.
  2. That elicits deep sympathy.
    I am suddenly assaulted by the most heartrending puppy-dog eyes I've ever seen as Emi pouts.


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