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From Latin hebdomadālis. According to The Poly-Olbion Project, coined by John Selden in 1612.


  • IPA(key): /hɛbˈdɒmədəl/
  • (file)


hebdomadal (comparative more hebdomadal, superlative most hebdomadal)

  1. (obsolete) Lasting seven days.
    • 1612, [John Selden], “The eleuenth Song. Illustrations.”, in Michael Drayton, edited by [John Selden], Poly-Olbion. Or A Chorographicall Description of Tracts, Riuers, Mountaines, Forests, and Other Parts of this Renowned Isle of Great Britaine, [], London: [] H[umphrey] L[ownes] for Mathew Lownes; I. Browne; I. Helme; I. Busbie, published 1613, →OCLC, page 184:
      At the right ſide of any of the Baſes begin your account, from that to the oppoſitly noted Planet, thence to his oppoſite, and ſo ſhall you find a continued courſe in that Order (grounded perhaps among the Ancients vpon myſteries of number, and interchanged gouernment by thoſe ſuperior bodies ouer this habitable Orb) which ſome haue ſweated at, in inquiry of Proportions, Muſique diſtances, & refer’d it to Planetary howrs: wheras They (the very name of Houre for a XXIIII. part of a day, being vnuſuall till about the Peloponeſiaque warre) had their originall of later time, then this Hebdomadall account, whence the Hourely from the morning of euery day had his breeding, and not the other from this, as Pretending & Vulgar Aſtrologers receiue in ſuppoſition.
  2. Weekly, occurring once a week.

Derived terms[edit]