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Inflected form of heim and hoes.


heives n

  1. locative of heim or hoes
    • Ich gaon dèès heives.
      I'm going towards the house.
    • Ich gaon heives.
      I'm going home.

Derived terms[edit]


heives (comparative heiveser, superlative heives, predicative superlative 't heives)

  1. cosy


Masculine Feminine Neutral
Singular Plural Singular Plural Singular Plural
nominative heivese heives heives heives heives heives
genitive heiveses heiveser heiveser heiveser heiveses heiveser
locative heiveses heiveses heiveses heiveses heiveses heiveses
vocative² heives heives heives heives heives heives
dative¹ heivese heivesen heiveser heivesen heives heivesen
accusative¹ heivese heivesen heives heives heives heivesen
  • Dative and accusative are nowadays obsolete, use nominative instead.
  • Vocative only exists for about ten words.