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hell +‎ site


hellsite (plural hellsites)

  1. (Internet slang, humorous) A social media platform (particularly Facebook, TikTok, Twitter or Tumblr) that attracts users despite issues with its design, functionality, or culture.
    • 2018 January 16, Josh Hafner, “Steak-umm, the frozen cheesesteak brand, defeats Twitter in epic battle for verification”, in First Coast News:
      once we finally #VerifySteakUmm and blow the lid off this corrupted hellsite we'll do a @reddit AMA so all the fresh faces pouring in may know who we are and what we stand for
    • 2018 June, David Williams, “Naked guns for a soft target”, in The Wine Merchant, page 15:
      For those of you not active on the hellsite known as Twitter, Naked managed to finish the job of alienating the wine-writing community with a deliberately provocative piece of marketing copy []
    • 2019, @recordsANDradio, quoted in Kelyn Soong, "People & Places," Washington City Paper, 10 May 2019, page 88:
      "I had no idea that it would end up consuming so much of my time, so I just picked two things I enjoy," he says about his Twitter handle. "I might've chose something else that made more sense if I had known how popular this hellsite would become!"
    • 2022 April 14, Delia Cai, “Severance, the New York Times’s Twitter Guidelines, and the Forever Illusion of Work-Life Balance”, in Vanity Fair[1]:
      Every other news cycle, when any particular quake related to someone saying something stupid or disagreeable or out of touch or oftentimes simply oversharey occurs, it triggers a recurrent tsunami of contemplation of why any of us in the industry are on the hellsite at all.
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