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hetero- +‎ morphemic


heteromorphemic (not comparable)

  1. (linguistics) Not occurring in the same morpheme; separated by a morpheme boundary.
    • 1964, Ural-Altaic yearbook, volume 36, page 33:
      To be sure all these examples of sequences are all heteromorphemic.
    • 2012, F. Dell, Syllables In Tashlhiyt Berber And In Moroccan Arabic, page 234:
      The geminate ss is heteromorphemic, i.e. it is a single bundle of distinctive features linked to two heteromorphemic skeletal slots.
    • 2015, Andrew Byrd, The Indo-European Syllable[1], page 45:
      For example, the OCP blocks geminate sequences in English, except across certain prosodic boundaries, such as in compounds like penknife [pεn:aif] and heteromorphemic formations such as solely [sowl:i].


Coordinate terms[edit]