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From Old Swedish hitza, hissa, from Middle Low German hitzen, hissen, likely originating from some interjection given to dogs (eg. hiss). Compare Danish hidse, Norwegian hissa, Dutch hitsen (particularly aanhitsen, ophitsen), Middle High German hessen.

Certain senses influenced by German hetzen.


hetsa (present hetsar, preterite hetsade, supine hetsat, imperative hetsa)

  1. set on, sic
    hetsa hundarna på villebrådetset the dogs on the game
  2. incite, excite, abet
    Hetsa någon att göra något
    Incite someone to do something
  3. agitate, bait, hound
    De hetsade mot minoritetsgrupper
    They agitated against minority groups

Usage notes[edit]

To (try to) agitate or stir up (by being provoking, or in some other manner) (and possibly bring to do something as a result).


Derived terms[edit]

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