hit and run

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Alternative forms[edit]


hit and run (plural hit and runs)

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  1. (law) The crime of causing an accident, as with a motor vehicle, and leaving without acknowledging responsibility.
  2. (baseball) A play in baseball where the baserunners leave their base before the batter hits the ball, assuming that the batter will in fact hit the ball and this will give them an advantage.
  3. (military) The military technique of attacking one place and then quickly moving to another before defenders can react.



hit and run (third-person singular simple present hits and runs, present participle hitting and running, simple past and past participle hit and ran)

  1. To hit something or someone with a vehicle and leave the scene of the incident.
  2. To join a poker game, quickly win several hands, then leave.


  • (hit with vehicle and depart): hit-skip


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