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Alternative forms[edit]


Use of the term in Cornwall is attributed to Old Cornish hoggan, hogen (pork pasty; pie), from hoch (pig), from Proto-Brythonic *hux, from Proto-Celtic *sukkos, from Proto-Indo-European *suH-, related to Welsh hwch (sow).[1] However, the term was also common in Essex, so perhaps compare Old English hogg.


hoggan (plural hoggans)

  1. (dialectal, chiefly Cornwall) A pork pasty.
    • 1852, Chambers's Repository of Instructing and Amusing Tracts:
      Some of the mine-owners provide no facilities whatever for the children to rewarm their pasties and hoggans  []
    • 1866, Higham, Dial., 14:
      Tom Trevarton had a piece of hoggan weth un.
    • 1873, T. Towser, section 4:
      A passel of good things, flesh and fowl and figgy hoggens.
    • 2004, Lynne Mayers, Balmaidens:
      [] those who had to eat cold hoggans or pasties.
    • 2017, Kathleen Ernst, Mining for Justice, Llewellyn Worldwide, →ISBN:
      “Of course, the truly poor people had to make do with hoggans,” Tamsin was saying. “Hoggans?” Chloe mumbled around a mouthful of herby pasty. “Flatbread with a morsel or two of pork baked into it,” Tamsin explained. "My father said they were hard as rocks. [] Don't worry, dear. I won't serve you hoggans."

Further reading[edit]

  1. ^ Joseph Wright, editor (1902), “HOGGAN”, in The English Dialect Dictionary: [], volumes III (H–L), London: Henry Frowde, [], publisher to the English Dialect Society, []; New York, N.Y.: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, →OCLC.
  • Edward Gepp (1923) An Essex Dialect Dictionary, page 57:
    HAGGEN-BAG, HAGNY-BAG : a pair of bags arranged to hang over the shoulders, in front and behind, for provisions, etc. Hoggen is a Cornish word for a pork pasty, or flat cake, and hoggan-bag is a miner's provison bag. From old Cornish hogen, a pork pasty, from hoch, a pig. This from E.D.D., which gives the word for Cornwall only. It is strange that it should be used with us, it is, commonly.



hoggan f

  1. Alternative form of hogen

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