homo ego sum, homo tu es

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From homō (man) + ego (I) + sum (I am) the first person singular of esse (to be) and then homō (man) + tu (you) + es (you are) the second person singular of esse (to be). Literally "I am a man, you are a man"; from the play Trinummus by Plautus:

Homo ego sum, homo tu es.
Ita me amabit Iuppiter, neque te derisum advenio neque dignum puto.
Verum hoc quod dixi: meus me oravit filius, ut tuam sororem poscerem uxorem sibi.
I am a man, you are a man.
So may Jupiter love me, I have neither come to laugh at you, nor do I think you deserving of it!
But as to what I said, my son begged me to ask for your sister as his wife.

This is somewhat like the line by Terence in Heauton Timorumenos; homō sum, hūmānī nihil aliēnum a me putō (I am a man, nothing that is human do I think unbecoming to me).


  • (Classical) IPA(key): /ˈho.moː ˈe.ɡo sum ˈho.moː tuː es/, [ˈhɔ.moː ˈɛ.ɡɔ sũ ˈhɔ.moː tuː ɛs]


homō ego sum, homō es

  1. I am a man, you are a man