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honking +‎ -ly


honkingly (comparative more honkingly, superlative most honkingly)

  1. With a honking sound.
    • 1981, J N Williamson, Premonition
      At last Sinoway pulled himself together and blew his nose honkingly into an immense, white handkerchief.
    • 2001, Richard Matheson, Camp Pleasant
      At four-thirty, the swim period was honkingly announced.
    • 2007, Jonathan Francis Brodsky, Prism
      A few cars buzz around them honkingly before an off-duty taxi stops and lets them in for double the normal fare.
  2. (slang) Greatly, hugely, overwhelmingly.
    • 2005, Jessica Mantaro, FrontPage 2003: the missing manual
      If a browser window is larger than a layout table's fixed size, your viewers end up looking at a honkingly big white void.
    • 2009, Jason Cochran, Pauline Frommer's Walt Disney World & Orlando
      ...the Last Chance Fruit Stand cart, which sells not only fruit cups ($3) but also honkingly large turkey legs ($6.40).